Companies and Capital Markets

Almashhori Law Firm extends comprehensive legal assistance to companies to enable then to fulfill their legal obligations, efficiently take actions and manage relations with stakeholders.

We extend a wide range of services in companies' general legal advice. We assist in all matters related to companies in corporation, manger, conversion and liquidation under Sandi laws, regulations and directives imposed by General Investment Authority in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Our services in the field include the following:

  • Incorporation, registration, merger and liquidation of companies.
  • Registration of agencies, names and trademarks.
  • General advice to companies.
  • Negotiation, formation and review of all forms of contracts and agreements.
  • Extending Consultation to client regarding the formation of joint venture, distribution and agency agreements.
  • Conversion of companies from limited liability companies to joint stock companies.
  • To assist foreign companies in inculpation and liquidation and other affairs related to the General Investment Authority in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Merger and possession processes.
  • To extend consultation regarding companies with the regulations of the Capital Market Authority.
  • Obtainment of industrial and other licenses.

Legal Consultancies

Our office extends legal consultations to our clients in all sectors, whether individuals, companies or establishments.

By virtue of our different capabilities and coping with all developments and changes of Saudi laws in all regular dealings of individuals, establishments, companies and organizations in a way to safeguard and maintain their legal rights.

Our office also formulates all kinds of company contracts and agreements to ensure that our Client’s rights are protected in a fair and equitable manner.

We also prepare by – laws and regulations to regulate and determine the rights and obligations of the employers and workers in commercial organizations, companies and establishments of all kinds in adherence to the Labor Laws applicable in Saudi Arabia.

Further, we prepare legal studies on different related subjects such as contracts, agreements and resolutions to determine negative and positive aspects to safeguard rights.

Litigation and Arbitration

Our office takes all actions regarding litigation – on behalf of our clients – to pursue lawsuits assigned to us. Our team of consultants and lawyers are qualified and competent and can assume taking all legal actions to file lawsuits to claim the rights of our clients or to defend them by attending hearings, submitting pleadings and statements, submit claims and appeals, as well as enforcement until claims dues are fulfilled.

We are experienced in litigation in all types and levels of courts, commissions, and judicial authorities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia including without limitation:

  • All types and levels of sharia courts.
  • Board of grievance and relative circles.
  • Execution courts.
  • Commercial papers Dispute settlement committees.
  • Commercial cheating and concealing settlement committees.
  • Banking Dispute settlement committees.
  • Preliminary and high panels for labor dispute settlement.
  • Preliminary and high custom committees.
  • Other Executive and judicial committees.

In view of the fact that arbitration is one of the means approved by the law of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and international laws to solve disputes, and as we have substantial experience in this field after joining various international arbitration centers as members, we were assigned to represent our clients in various arbitration boards to settle disputes and enforce rights, through the shortest way starting from preparing the arbitration document, attending hearings and passing judgment.


Based on the authorities of notary public vested in authorized documenters in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia under the ministry of justice resolution, our office is ready to extend documentation services as follows:

  • Preparation of letters of attorney for individuals and companies.
  • Termination of the letter of attorney.
  • Companies contracts, their amendments and decisions of competent persons.
  • Sale of properties.
  • Division of movable capital.
  • Properties and movables rent.
  • Disposition on trademarks, patents copyrights.
  • Contracts on movable capital.
  • Bail declaration.
  • Money declaration, delivery and assignment.