Little about us

Almashhori Law Firm is considered as one of the pioneer offices in legal profession in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Since obtaining our legal professional license from the Ministry of Justice, we are strictly and precisely adhering to the values and principles of Islamic Law (shariah), as well as the ethics of the legal profession in performing our work diligently.

We took the initiative provided by Vision 2030 in the business and commerce sector, and are completely prepared to assist investors and companies for their authentication, corporate structuring, legal and litigation needs in congruence with the guidelines set out by the Ministry of Justice.

We are committed to extend our services through a team of distinguished consultants and lawyers of high caliber, professional practical experience and specialized academic qualifications.

Our office performs all legal work related to our clients, and our consistent achievement of our Client’s goals, coupled with the confidence we attain from them has led us to become permanent attorneys and representatives of several leading, companies, organizations and businessmen.